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The use of the okuelectronics  platform and services available on or form or through this website is subject to these terms and conditions (“agreement”) that are a legal and binding document for the user.

Oku electronics services
1.1 by accepting this agreement, the user can use the services accessible through the platform, specified under section 1.1 (“services”).

1.3 the use of the site does not require the mandatory activation of an account, however, the use of the services requires the activation of a personal and unique user account (“account”).

1.4 in order to use some of the platform functionalities, it is necessary to create an account and to purchase a service available for a charge (“premium services”). premium services are products that the user can purchase on the on-line shop

User’s account

2.1 if user creates an account, a unique username and password will be associated (“account credentials”).

2.2 the user is required to adopt whatever measures are necessary to ensure that the account credentials are subject to the utmost confidentiality and the user accepts liability for any loss or damage to okuelectronics and/or to third parties as a result of failure to comply with the aforementioned confidentiality obligation. the user undertakes not to disclose the account credentials and the information accessible through the same and undertakes not to allow access to the platform, the services and the premium services to others through the use of his or her account credentials or in any manner through his or her account. if user becomes aware of unauthorized access to his/her account, he/she must change password and notify us immediately at support@okuelectronics.com

2.3 the user is required to provide okuelectronics  with real, accurate information when creating the account (and whenever they update their data) and, in order to guarantee account security, undertakes:

  • not to provide false information;

  • not to create false or duplicate accounts;

  • to update their personal information whenever requested in order to comply with the provisions of this agreement

  • not to share or transfer the account credentials;

  • not to adopt as the username or id for his or her account any names which breach the law or third-party rights (in such eventuality okuelectronics  shall be entitled to suspend the registration or the account until such time as the critical aspect arising with regard to the aforementioned name is resolved).

2.4 if user does not verify the account, by clicking the confirmation link sent by email during the registration process, the relevant account will be deleted after one month of registration request.

USER’S DUTIES : The user will use the platform in accordance with his agreement and for purposes of using the services. specifically, the user undertakes not to transfer his or her right to use the platform to others

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