Everything We Know About Raspberry Pi 4

21/05/2019 | Okudzeto o. prince Though the Raspberry Pi Foundation has come out with new products as recently as 2019, the third-gen technology powering them dates back to 2016, which leaves many Pi fans wondering: what’s next? We talked to Raspberry Pi Creator and current CEO of Raspberry Pi Trading (the commerce arm of the foundation) Eben Upton […]

Oku Arduino Science Kit is available in Ghana

Launched back in January 2019, the Oku Arduino science kit is designed for middle school students (aged 11 to 55) to explore science. It is now available with Ghana and  it course content, making it more accessible than ever. The oku Arduino Science Kit requires no prior electronics knowledge. It features online course content and […]

What’s The Difference Between Raspberry Pi And Arduino? Which One To Choose?

16/01/2019 | Okudzeto o. prince Raspberry Pi In fact, the Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer on a circuit board. It comes with a dedicated processor, memory, graphics drivers, and inputs and outputs like HDMI. Raspberry Pi board also runs a specially designed Linux operating system. For this reason, Linux software is very easy to install, […]