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how to Interface Active Buzzer with Arduino uno

how to Interface Active Buzzer with Arduino uno

Experimental 2

In this tutorial, we will be interfacing a Active Buzzer  with Arduino uno and learn to beeps

the buzzer continuously with a delay of a 2second, using Arduino Micro-controller Board and BC547 Transistor.

In this experiment,we will program the Arduino GPIO as a high level. Then the transistor BC547 will conduct, and the buzzer will make sounds. Set the GPIO as low, the transistor BC547 will be de-energized, and the buzzer will stop beeping. 

Hardware Required

1 x Active Buzzer

1 x Arduino UNO R3 Board

1 x breadboard

1 x 680Ω resistors (1W)

1 x USB cable

1x BC547 Transistor

Several jumper wires.

In this experiment,the buzzer we used is active buzzer. Active buzzers will sound as long as they are powered. We can program to make the Arduino output alternating high and low levels to make the buzzer beep.

A slightly larger current is needed to make a buzzer beep.However,the output current of Arduino GPIO is too low, so we need a transistor to increase current.

Principle of operation


A buzzer or beeper is an audio signaling device. As a type of electronic buzzer with an integrated structure, which uses DC power supply, buzzers are widely used in computers,printers, photocopiers,alarms, electronic toys,automotive electronic equipments, telephones, timers and other electronic products for voice devices. Buzzers can be categorized as active and passive buzzers. Place the pins of the buzzer face up, and then you can see the two types of buzzer are different - the buzzer with a green circuit board onside is a passive one.

The main function of a transistor is to enlarge the voltage or current. It can also be used to control the circuit conduction or deadline. Transistors can be divided into two kinds: NPN, like the BC547 we provided; PNP, like the BC557 provided.

Experiment code

//File name:   Experiment 2

//Description:  beeps an ActiveBuzzer .



//Author: Okudzeto osei prince

//Date: 2019/04/01 

int ActiveBuzzerPin=3; //definition digital 3 pins as pin to control the buzzer

void setup()


    pinMode(ActiveBuzzerPin,OUTPUT); //Set digital 3 port mode, the OUTPUT for the output


void loop()


    digitalWrite(ActiveBuzzerrPin,HIGH); //Set PIN 3 feet as HIGH = 5 v 

    delay(2000);                   //Set the delay time,2s 

    digitalWrite(ActiveBuzzerPin,LOW);  //Set PIN 3 feet for LOW = 0 v 

    delay(2000);                   //Set the delay time,2s


Compile the program and upload to Arduino UNO board Now, you can hear the buzzer beeping.

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