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FPGA Cyclone Plus programmer

FPGA Cyclone Plus programmer

FPGA Cyclone Plus programmer

Product Code: OE00278
Availability: 5
  • ¢238.50

Development kit with the platform type of the FPGA. Included is the ALTERA USB JTAG programmer and debugger.
The Datasheet of the manufacturer of the set:

Specifications:(Mini Altera FPGA CPLD JTAG USB Blaster Programmer)
ALTERA USB ByteBlaster
USB interface
FPGA/CPLD download
SignalTap II embeded logic analyzer
NIOS II debug

Features:(Mini Altera FPGA CPLD JTAG USB Blaster Programmer)
Compatible with altera usb blaster
Support all series of altera device. 
CPLD: MAX3000, MAX7000, MAX9000, MAXII... 
FPGA: Stratix, StratixII, StratixIII, StratixIV, Cyclone, CycloneII, CycloneIII, CycloneIV, ACES1K, APEX20k, FLEX10K..
Active serial configuration device: EPCS1, EPCS4, EPCS16, EPCS64... 
Enhanced configuration device: EPC1, EPC4...
Support AS, PS and JTAG mode
Support SignalTap II embeded logic analyzer
Support NIOS II debug* USB interface
Support Quartus II 4.0 and above version
Support Windows XP, windows Vista, Windows 7 and linux.

Item description:(EP2C5T144)
1. 60mm*80mm
2. EP2C5T144 FPGA chip
3. Configuration EPROM chip EPCS4, size 4Mbit
4. Onboard 50M active patch oscillator (crystal oscillator in the board's back)
5. 5V power supply
6. The board has the power indicator light and reset switch
7. Onboard 3 SMD LED
8. All the IO ports and clock pin through the pin to bring out (any of these interfaces can be used for memory and peripheral expansion)
9. High-quality tantalum capacitor power supply filtering
10. The development of embedded CPU support NiosII
Note: The pins of the board is not soldered.
Package includes:
USB BLASTER Programmer x1
10-Pin JTAG Connection Cable x1
USB cable x1
Altera CycloneII EP2C5T144 FPGA Mini Development Boardx1

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